„Inmanencia“ ist kontemplativer Live-Jazz der besten Sorte. Sinnlich, beschwingt, voller Spielwitz und knapp, aber prägnant ausgeführten Solodarbietungen. Pablo Sáez ist ein exzellenter Rhythmusgeber, der sich aufs Streicheln und heftigere Anschläge versteht, vor denen Gitarre, Bass und Klavier brillieren können. Ausgewogen im Gesamtklang, berauschend in Alleingängen.” Jochen König, MusikReviews “Ein spannender und progressiver Jazz mit indigenen […]


Why keep making CDs when so few people these days actually sit down and listen to a record? The answer is very simple: it’s the best format for this style of music. The songs on this record are part of a series of compositions that we didn’t want to just leave in the pages of […]

Juliana da Silva feat. Bart van Lier

Our concert at Loft in Cologne from November 2019 with our special guest Bart van Lier. “Bart van Lier from the Netherlands is world-famous as jazz trombone player. One reason of his publicity are the jazz-departments of the Conservatories Den Haag and Hilversum, which he co-founded and taught afterwards. Other reasons are the countless radio […]

Patricia Cruz Project

PATRICIA CRUZ This latest production from Patricia Cruz was recorded at Riverside Studios in Cologne. Patricia Cruz was born in Rio de Janeiro into the third generation of a family of Brazilian artists. She spent her childhood and youth in the small Brazilian town of Rio Claro in the greater São Paulo area, where she […]

Ngen​-​K​ü​r​ü​f: Alvaro Severino

A string of wind connects and unleashes the beauty of this record, aerial like Ngen-kürüf, the spirit who in Mapuche cosmology owns the air and is said to manifest in the wind’s song. Such mood guides this journey and ties it together, a journey where the musician takes his beloved homeland to other lands, paying […]

Tom Words: “Time to go”

FOR THE RAIN – VIDEO TIME TO GO German Rock singer Tom Words presents his new production “For the Rain” with the participation of notable guest musicians. For The Rain (Tom Words) Guitars/Vocals: Tom Words Double Bass: Andre Cayres Drums: Pablo Saéz Fender-Rhodes: Pete Haaser Backing-Vocals: Bob Anderson © MOTmusic2021 All Rights Reserved

Fito Morales Trio

Rodolfo “Fito” Morales is a pianist based in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. A self-taught musician heavily influenced by a myriad of genres from Latin American. An innate improviser with an articulated jazz vocabulary, given to implement a contrast between a sound palette that draws inspiration from the Romanticism and Expressionism and a rhythmic diversity that […]

Pato Banda Quartett

MERSCH Pato Banda presents a new version of his album “Everywhere and Nowhere”. Henrique Gomide (PIANO AND KEYBOARDS) Pablo Sáez (DRUMS) Alvaro Severino (GUITAR) Recording engineer: Stefan Deistler Video Music edition: Luis Müller-WalraffMix & Mastering: Gonzalo VillalónVideo: Jean Louc CammasRecorded in October the 18th 2021 at LOFT, Cologne, Germany. “Since I´m a child I was […]

Anette Maiburg: Classica Latina

English Anette Maiburg Near the end of the XVIII century, Baltasar Jaime Martínez Compañón (the Bishop of Trujillo), embarked on a journey from Navarre, Spain, to explore his vast new diocese and better understand the daily lives of the people to whom he would soon become a spiritual leader. It was on this journey that […]

Trio Molino

Trio Molino’s roots stretch back to Chile’s VII Region. At the beginning of the 20th century, my great-grandmother had a wheat mill (“molino” in Spanish) in the town of Cauquenes. Of course, at that time, mills were not just vitally important for putting bread on the family table, but they also acted as a social […]


“Much applause to a creative band that looks to the future in a multicultural way without forgetting the Great
history of jazz.”



“It is a name within the South American jazz movement installed in Europe”

Web Page

“Since 2010 I have been impressed by Pablo Sáez’s work in every collaboration, I have participated several
times in many of his projects. His artistic quality has always led to excellent results, as well as being able to get
through professional planning and implementation”

Raphael Klemm


“Pablo is an incredibly good drum-teacher, who works very carefully and thoughtfully. He conveys both, theory
and practice on the instrument in a very exciting and fun way!”

Deborah Wockelmann


“Er blickt definitiv in die Zukunft, und dort platziert er seine Musik, die überraschend, unergründlich und voller ungewöhnlicher Wendungen ist.”


“Un lujito”

El Zócalo Nacional

Radio Universidad de Chile

„Schlagzeuger Sáez schließlich stellte mit seiner differenzierten, abwechslungsreichen Arbeit auch die anspruchsvollsten Zuhörer zufrieden.“

Giessener Anzeiger


“Sáez ha construido su historia en ese otro mundo tan lejano, aunque su vínculo con la tierra es presente, es retórico y desde luego es musical”

Revista La Panera


“Pablo Sáez ist ein exzellenter Rhythmusgeber, der sich aufs Streicheln und heftigere Anschläge versteht, vor denen Gitarre, Bass und Klavier brillieren können. Ausgewogen im Gesamtklang, berauschend in Alleingängen.”


“Ein spannender und progressiver Jazz mit indigenen Latin-Einflüssen, bei dem mitunter auch geheimnisvolle Vocals in spanischer Sprache eingestreut werden. Prädikat: außergewöhnlich!”

Reiner Guérich

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