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Hello friends, here is the complete version of Libertango by Astor Piazzolla. Thanks to © Curci Edizioni Srl / Paganmusic s l r for authorization. Bests. Pablo Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla was born on 11th March 1921 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. When he was four years old, his parents moved to New York City and became […]

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Here is the official video and full track of the album “Inmanencia” recorded live at Loft Cologne and released in 2022.

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"Otoño de 3" - Jazz-Guitar solo with Alvaro Severino. Excerpt from the recording of the first album with Surensemble in Essen 2015.

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Trio Molino (feat. Ryan Carniaux) live at Die Säule. Drum Solo

“El Cucaracho” – Trio Molino live at Die Säule: Between south american rhytms and not-lyrical contamporary pieces, Trio Molino convinced the audience going into the jazz frontiers.

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Meticharos was formed in 2017 by three classically trained musicians who decided they wanted to explore the folk traditions of their homelands.  Based in Cologne, Germany, but all from different parts of the world Meri, Sally and Camilo set about arranging a programme of different traditional music styles for voice, flute, piano and guitar. The […]

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Trio Molino (Deep Blue and Punto sin Retorno)

Deep Blue #latinjazz Full version of Deep Blue with Trio Molino in Essen 2015. Trio Molino’s roots stretch back to Chile's VII Region. At the beginning of the 20th century, my great-grandmother had a wheat mill (“molino” in Spanish) in the town of Cauquenes. Of course, at that time, mills were not just vitally important […]

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“Much applause to a creative band that looks to the future in a multicultural way without forgetting the Great
history of jazz.”



“It is a name within the South American jazz movement installed in Europe”

Web Page

“Since 2010 I have been impressed by Pablo Sáez’s work in every collaboration, I have participated several
times in many of his projects. His artistic quality has always led to excellent results, as well as being able to get
through professional planning and implementation”

Raphael Klemm


“Pablo is an incredibly good drum-teacher, who works very carefully and thoughtfully. He conveys both, theory
and practice on the instrument in a very exciting and fun way!”

Deborah Wockelmann


“Er blickt definitiv in die Zukunft, und dort platziert er seine Musik, die überraschend, unergründlich und voller ungewöhnlicher Wendungen ist.”


“Un lujito”

El Zócalo Nacional

Radio Universidad de Chile

„Schlagzeuger Sáez schließlich stellte mit seiner differenzierten, abwechslungsreichen Arbeit auch die anspruchsvollsten Zuhörer zufrieden.“

Giessener Anzeiger


“Sáez ha construido su historia en ese otro mundo tan lejano, aunque su vínculo con la tierra es presente, es retórico y desde luego es musical”

Revista La Panera