This latest production from Patricia Cruz was recorded at Riverside Studios in Cologne.

Patricia Cruz was born in Rio de Janeiro into the third generation of a family of Brazilian artists. She spent her childhood and youth in the small Brazilian town of Rio Claro in the greater São Paulo area, where she attended a well-known German school. Her drive and commitment were always fully supported by her family, which allowed her the privilege of receiving a comprehensive musical education. At the start of her career, her love of music was mostly confined to what she could fit into her own free time until, in 1989, she was presented with the unexpected opportunity to tour Europe with a Brazilian band and developing internationally as a singer.

She currently resides and works mostly in Germany, with her bands “Batida Diferente” and “Brazilian Motions”, as well as in a duo or trio with renowned instrumentalists. Through her talent and dedication, she has carved out a name for herself in the German and Brazilian music scenes and thrives on living out her passion every day.

Here, Patricia has produced a truly great project, with exceptional sound, arrangements, and musicians. With João Luis Nogueira: Guitar / Henrique Gomide: Piano / André de Cayres: Bass / Pablo Saez: Drums / Alfonso Garrido: Percussion

Teia #latinjazz

Teia (André de Cayres/Patricia Cruz)

Pelas Madrugadas (André de Cayres/Patricia Cruz)