The Legend

Legend has it that Paco de Lucía, after his trip to Peru in the 1970s, forever rooted the cajón in flamenco culture. Today, almost half a century later, flamenco music is unimaginable without the magical sound of this instrument, which now once again merges with two unique styles: jazz and Afro-Peruvian music.

Chilean drummer and composer Pablo Sáez, known for his constant quest to fuse elements from different latitudes, introduces us this time to the great flamenco guitarist Daniel de Alcalá, along with the virtuoso Peruvian flutist Daniel Manrique-Smith and the versatile bassist “El Tiburón”.

A journey from tradition to the innovation of contemporary jazz. An unmissable musical experience.

Pablo Sáez: Cajón, Jazz Drums / Daniel de Alcalá: Guitar / Daniel Manrique-Smith: Flute and effects / Tibor Szücs “el Tiburón”, Bass and Guitar

Palo Blanco

The term dates back to an ancient Roman ritual in which straw figures were thrown into the Tiber River in May. These figures, called Argei, were an alternative to human sacrifice. Today, when we say someone is a “straw man” or “Palo Blanco,” it means they are merely pretending to be someone. Additionally, in the dictionary of the Real Academia Española, “palo flamenco” refers to the varieties of flamenco singing; that is, the “palo” defines the rhythm, structure, and meter of the performance, whether it is singing, guitar, or dance. The etymology of the word might be related to the card game, where the deck is divided into four “palos,” determining the game’s outcome according to the one chosen. This also relates the band’s name to “aleatory,” although there are still debates about this.

Moreover, the Palo Blanco is a species of tree native to America. It belongs to the Oleaceae family and is characteristic of the Atlantic laurel forest. This etymology serves as a bridge to symbolize its Latin American roots or wood. In science, white is considered the mixture of all colors or primary colors. It is an achromatic color resulting from the intense light perception composed of all visible wavelengths or by three or two complementary wavelengths.

Finally, white is in the central stripe of the Peruvian flag and represents the purity of sentiments, freedom, social justice, and peace.


Die Legende besagt, dass Paco de Lucía nach seiner Reise nach Peru in den 1970er-Jahren das Cajón untrennbar in die Flamenco-Kultur eingebunden hat. Heute, fast ein halbes Jahrhundert später, ist die Musik des Flamenco ohne den magischen Klang dieses Instruments undenkbar.

Dieses Quartett, bestehend aus Musikern unterschiedlicher Nationalitäten, vereint auf kühne Weise zwei Stile, die sich bereits seit dem 20. Jahrhundert ineinander verweben: den verführerischen Tanz Afroperuanischer Jazz und die feurige Leidenschaft des Flamenco.

Der chilenische Schlagzeuger und Komponist Pablo Sáez lebt seit 2005 in Deutschland. Seitdem ist er viel gefragt und fest etabliert in der deutschen Musikszene von Latin Jazz und Weltmusik. Mit dem neuen Projekt „Palo Blanco“ entsteht ein intensives musikalisches Erlebnis, das man nicht verpassen sollte.

Pablo Sáez (cajón, dr, comp.), Daniel Manrique-Smith (fl, loops), Daniel de Alcalá (flamenco g), Tibor Szücs “el Tiburón” (E-Bass)


La leyenda cuenta que Paco de Lucía, tras su viaje a Perú en los años 70, arraigó para siempre el cajón en la cultura flamenca. Hoy, casi medio siglo después, resulta impensable la música del flamenco sin el mágico sonido de este instrumento. Este cuarteto, conformado por músicos de diversas nacionalidades, vuelve a fusionar dos estilos que ya se han venido entrelazando desde el siglo XX: el ritmo del latin-jazz afro peruano y la pasión del flamenco. Melodías elegantes, expresividad rítmica y por su virtuosidad. Desde la tradición hasta la innovación contemporánea.

 El baterista y compositor chileno Pablo Sáez, conocido por su constante búsqueda en la fusión de elementos de diferentes latitudes, nos presenta en esta ocasión al gran guitarrista de flamenco Daniel de Alcalá, junto al virtuoso flautista peruano Daniel Manrique-Smith y al versátil bajista “El Tiburón”. Una experiencia musical imperdible.

Pablo Sáez: Cajón, Batería Jazz​ / Daniel de Alcalá: Guitarra​ / Daniel Manrique-Smith: Flauta traversa y efectos.​ / Tibor Szücs “el Tiburón”: Bajo y Guitarra