Surensemble, the Latin-jazz band, is ready to release their long-awaited album, “Stay Together. The News Album showcases the band’s ongoing evolution, blending traditional South American folklore with contemporary jazz.

About The Album:

The album “Stay Together” was inspired by the gravity in the universe and the love within us, drawing a parallel between how both planets and people are held together to maintain stable systems and create harmony.

The album aims to convey the importance of reflecting on our role in society in the face of significant global migrations. The music is intended to encourage the audience to consciously recognize our shared connection to this small planet, despite our differences. Our community is like a universe, where galaxies and quantum worlds influence each other despite vast distances. In our closest relationships, we can create harmony by showing respect, empathy, and solidarity. Just as gravity keeps planets in their orbits, mutual respect helps us coexist in balance. This work is dedicated to all those who lost loved ones during and after the pandemic, to my fellow musicians for continuing to create culture even in the most challenging times, and to my family for all the love they have given me during these turbulent years.

About The Music:

Under the leadership of drummer Pablo Sáez, Surensemble’s distinctive sound was always represented by their two unique guitarists creating with electric and acoustic guitars a diverse musical landscape. This time, the rhythm section is expanded with four wind instruments: flute, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. Alongside Latin percussion, drawn from Chile, Brazil, and Peru, the band incorporates electronic elements, including samples that play a significant role in shaping their sound. “Stay Together” includes a notable collaboration with renowned Italian philosopher Donatella di Cesare, bringing a unique philosophical dimension to the music. Furthermore, the album showcases the exceptional vocals of Niel de Grace Tyson, recorded specifically for this project.

The tracks on “Stay Together” are infused with Latin jazz influences, presenting spacious arrangements and graceful, rhythmic elegance. The band’s remarkable ability to blend Afro- American roots and folkloric nuances with the contemporary and fusion jazz.



Rhythm Section

Pablo Sáez: Drums, Electronics, Arranger and Composer
Norman Peplow: Piano
André de Cayres: Double bass, E-Bass
Álvaro Severino: Guitars
Jaime Gamero: Latin Percussion


Andy Hunter: Trombone
Daniel Manrique-Smith: Flute
Jens Böckamp: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet
Matthias Schriefl: Trumpet *Tr. 6 & 7 Winds Arrangement.
Nano Angel: Tuba and Charango *Tr.11


Audio FX: Diego Sáez, Pablo Sáez / Árbol, Studio für Musik
Voice-overs: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Donatella di Cesare
Neil deGrasse Tyson voice-over recording: Cosmic Perspectives, LLC
Lay-Out / Design: Álvaro Severino

Photo: Andrés Sáez
Cameraman: Jean Cammas
Rec Engineer: Nick Benoy
Cut: Árbol, Studio für Musik
Text reviewer: Edwin Abbett, Lara Piloni
Mix: Christian Heck, Tonart Studio
Master: Lelo Nazaro, Utopia Studio
Executive Producer: Margherita Kravina, Pablo Sáez
Producer: Arbol, Studio für Musik
Label: @Arbol / Studio für Musik

1.- Deconstruido2.- Terra firma
3.- Atopía 1  
4.- Atopía 2  
5.- Diasporización
6.- Exégesis 1
7.- Exégesis 2
8.- Himno
9.- Himno (post Coda)
10- Requiem

 Total time: 60:10 min / Recording date 20th and 21st of November 2021, Riverside Studios Cologne, Germany.

The project was made possible thanks to: Deutscher Musikrat, Neu Start Kultur NRW and Ministeriums für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.





Dive into the musical journey with ‘Stay Together’ by Surensemble and friends. Subscribe Pablo Sáez Bandcamp: – Official release of “Stay Together” on all platforms on 2024!

“Deconstruido” is the first single from my upcoming project with “Surensemble and Friends”. Greetings to everyone!

Dive into the musical journey with ‘Stay Together’ by Surensemble and friends. Subscribe Pablo Sáez Bandcamp: – Official release of “Stay Together” on all platforms on 2024!