Pato Banda presents a new version of his album “Everywhere and Nowhere”.


Pablo Sáez (DRUMS)

Alvaro Severino (GUITAR)

Recording engineer: Stefan Deistler


Music edition: Luis Müller-Walraff
Mix & Mastering: Gonzalo Villalón
Video: Jean Louc Cammas
Recorded in October the 18th 2021 at LOFT, Cologne, Germany.

“Since I´m a child I was interested in music. First sing, then the guitar, the electric bass, until I met the double bass. I started in 1997 with the Maestro José Miguel Reyes, one of my mentors until today.

In that time I played in many different music projects: heavy Metal, Ska, Punk Rock, Jazz, Chilean Folklore, but it was in the classical music, with the “Orquesta Moderna” conducted by Luis José Recart, the place where I developed myself as musician and double bass player. I played there from 1999 until 2006.

In 2006 I went to Saarbrücken, Germany, to study with Prof. Wolfgang Harrer. I finished in 2011. Later that year I started a Master of Music in Double Bass solo playing with Prof. Veit-Peter Schüßler,  also master and mentor. I finished this master in 2015 with the highest note.

In 2017 I finished my master in orchestral specialisation also with Prof. Schüßler. Here I got the best tools to do what I love, play music and express myself trough her.

In all these years, besides to play with my musical brothers Orion Lion and Pablo Stagnaro in LSB Trio, with “El Juana Banda” and “Destino Tango”, I played in the orchestra of the theater of Passau, the Essen Philarmonic, the Neue Philharmonie Westfalen, Liverpool Philharmonic, Antwerp Philharmonic, Noord Nederlans Orkest from Groningen, the Netherlands, Opera Mobile, Deutsche Philharmonie Merck, Dogma Chamber Orchestra, and, since 2013 I´m the solo assistant from Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg.”

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