Rodolfo “Fito” Morales is a pianist based in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. A self-taught musician heavily influenced by a myriad of genres from Latin American. An innate improviser with an articulated jazz vocabulary, given to implement a contrast between a sound palette that draws inspiration from the Romanticism and Expressionism and a rhythmic diversity that can only be found in the Caribbean islands.

A professional musician who has played live since 2005 in various formats all over the north coast of the Dominican Republic. His first project, the Fito Morales Trio, had the opportunity to showcase original compositions for the first time in a live concert in Puerto Plata city back in late 2021. This trio comprised Pato Banda, Germany, on upright bass (Orchestre di Chambre de Luxemburgo, Dogma Chamber Orchestra, y la Deutsche Phillarmonie Merck) and Marcelo González, Dominican Republic, on drums (Henry Hierro, Zeo Muñoz, Peña Suazo).