“The songs on this record are part of a series of compositions that I didn’t want to just leave in the pages of our songbook. My bandmates, João, André, Alvaro, Pablo and I have been playing together for years in different groups, working on the development of what we call “South American Jazz”. It’s an extremely underground trend in Europe at the moment, but more musicians are appearing each year.


The experimental process of this particular production involved many different types of (formal) musical notation. A lot of them aren’t exactly related to North American Jazz, but instead to baroque and contemporary classical music. The blending of these different notation styles opens up an entirely new perspective that an experienced musician can deconstruct in many different ways. A single piece, for example, can blend Arnold Schönberg with John Cage, while another can bring together Agustin Barrios and Steve Reich. In this rereading of notes that exist only in the fleeting moments when they are played, fantastic things can happen. The unique phrasing of each musician is what makes such moments unreproducible.

The fact that we have matured, musically speaking, in Germany has undoubtedly influenced the way we make music, but it doesn’t mean that we want to make European music. Our search for new improvisational structures is thanks to the way the contemporary Jazz movement has, in 2017, taken on very diverse and extreme new directions. Latin American music is not exempt from this cultural shift. Indeed, it continues to mutate and morph into new figures and styles that we have attempted to capture on this record. “


with João Luis Nogueira: Acoustic Guitar, Alvaro Severino: Electric Guitar, Pablo Paredes: Piano, André de Cayres: Double Bass, Pablo Sáez: Drums, Xylophone, Arrangement, Composition.
*For “Arrullo” feat.: Marta Espirito Santo Hoppe – Cello

Mixed by Michael Bishop, 5/4 Productions – Ohio USA
Master: Walter Quintus – Nideggen, Germany
Rec. Engineer: Arthur Jogurts – Essen Germany
Digital Recording: Folkwang Studio
Photo: Luis Cruz – Cologne Germany
Art & Design: Andrés Sáez – Santiago, Chile
Layout: Anette Herrmann – Hamburg, Germany
Label: Allá, Germany.