Albums (as Leader): Pablo Sáez, Trio Molino "Trio Molino"

Pablo Sáez jazz drums Schlagzeug composer

AVANTGARDE / ETHNO-JAZZ Trio Molino Is an ensemble of composers who tries to incorporate many jazz styles in a simple guitar trio. We use traditional music who was created in south america and we keep on mixing it using all parameters of music: Rhythm, Tone Color, Dynamic, Harmony, Texture, Form, Melody and Words. The challenge is not cutting the umbilical cord of influence by systematically incorporating styles in jazz. Whatever this idea comes from, we will try to do something with that. With this concept we have played till today Concerts for: Seelive Tivoli Hamburg, Domicil Dortmund, Loft-Köln, Sala de Música, Essen Katakomben Teather, Kunsthaus Essen, Cardellino, Lichtburg, Jazzclub Henkelmann in Iserlohn, Ev. Kirche Köln-Riehl and Die Säule Duisburg. Some of the musicians who have played and recording for us are, Annika Huttemann, Raphael Klemm, Jakob Helling and Ryan Carniaux. For six years long, Trio Molino today is: Alvaro Severino (E-Guitar), Pablo Sáez (Drums) and André de Cayres (Double Bass). Recorded 2014.

  • Alvaro Severino: guitar
  • Raphael Klemm: Trombone
  • Jakob Helling: Trumpet
  • André de Cares: Double Bass
  • Alvaro Severino: E-Guitar and Comp.
  • André de Cayres: E- Bass
  • Pablo Sáez: Drums
  • Mix: Christoph Piasetzki