Albums (as Sideman): Infusión "Infusión Latin Jazz"

Infusión Latina Jazz. A great Demo recorded with with Jaime Lorenzini, Daniel Hurtado, Polo Gompertz, Alfredo Molina at Tarkus Studio in Santiago. Recorded 2004.

Carlos Klein

Albums (as Sideman): Carlos Klein "En cada esquina"

with Carlos Gabriel Klein, Pablo Paredes, Pablo Sáez, André de Cayres, Sergio Terán, Pía Miranda, Chiho Takata, Bernhard Rath, Agustín Pitaluga, Federico Pitaluga, Marcelo Ruiz, Martín Souza. Prod, Rec and Mix: Daniel Orejuela Flores Productio Assist: Meining Cheung, Mastering: Camilo Silva F.... Reed more


Albums (as Leader): Perro "Actitud de perro"

Great moments playing Rock Fusion with my frinds Dudu Braker, Miguelangel Clerc and Felipe Vergara. Recorded 2003.

Lieder für die Freiheit

Albums (as Sideman): Lieder für die Freiheit Vol. 1 and 2

"Lieder für die Freiheit" with Sabine van Baaren, Elefterios Stampouloglou, Micha Duboff, Seven Kiogh, Eckehard Limberg, Ramón Gorigoitia, Uli Simon, Cacho Cavour und Aline Barthelemy. Produced by TransWeb, Recorded 2006. 

Eduardo Blumenstock

Albums (as Sideman): Eduardo Blumenstock "Hommage an den Vater des Bossa Nova"

With Eduardo Blumenstock, Klaus "der Geiger" von Wrochem, Tom Köwer, Enríque Diaz, Sergio Terán, Paz Miranda, Ana Bomfim. Recorded 2005

Tom Words

Albums (as Sideman): Tom Words "Fearin´a new world?"

"Every face tells a story, every soul sings a song". with Tom Word, André de Cayres, Renate Otta, Celine Bardtke, Kay Bardtke Words and music by Tom Words. Produced by André de Cayres/Tom Words. Recorded 2011

Pablo Saez, Claudia Carbo, Florian Weber, Paul Heller

Albums (as Sideman): Claudia Carbo "A lovely day"

Claudia Carbo "A Lovely Day" With Claudia Carbo (voc), Florian Weber (pn), Paul Heller (Sax), Jeff Denson (Bass), Ziv Raviz (dr) Pablo Sáez (perc). Recorded 2005. Ccbee Records (Fenn Music Service)

Pablo Sáez jazz drums Schlagzeug composer

Albums (as Leader): Pablo Sáez, Trio Molino "Trio Molino"

Is an ensemble of composers who tries to incorporate many jazz styles in a simple guitar trio. We use traditional music who was created in south america and we keep on mixing it using all parameters of music: Rhythm, Tone Color, Dynamic, Harmony, Texture, Form, Melody and Words. The challenge is... Reed more

Quinteto del sur Jazz Cover

Albums (as Leader): Pablo Sáez, Quinteto del Sur "Buscando a Kai Kai"

With Paz Miranda: Voc - Pedro Villagra: Tenor Sax, Flute, Quenacho and Zampoña, Daniel Manrique-Smith: Flute (Alto and Bass) Claudio... Reed more

Transatlantico Jazz Fusión Euro Sudamericano

Albums (as Sideman): Transatlántico "Transatlántico"

Recorder Jazz Fusion: Recorder Player Tobias Reisige is a leading voice among the ambitious improvisers who made up the Ruhr Pot scene in Germany. He has been fighting for years trying to make the recorders frei with he´s own project „Wildes Holz“.... Reed more

Pablo Sáez, Surensemble - Jazz and south american music

Albums (as Leader): Pablo Sáez, "Surensemble"

Surensemble is the second solo Album of jazz musician, drummer and composer Pablo Sáez Cerpa. The records  were mixed by ten Time Grammy® Awards Winner Michael Bishop and mastered by... Reed more