VIDEO Pablo Sáez, Surensemble - "Arrullo" (Teaser)

Arrullo - Pablo Sáez, Surensemble - New album coming soon

The brasilian musicians Marta Espirito Santo Hoppe and João Luis Nogueira plays Arrullo. Mixed by Michael Bishop, 5/4 Productions - Ohio USA Master: Walter Quintus - Nideggen, Germany. Rec. Engineer: Arthur Jogerts - Essen Germany. Digital Recording: Folkwang Studio. Photo: Luis Cruz - Cologne Germany. Art: Andrés Sáez - Santiago, Chile. Layout: Anette Herrmann - Hamburg, Germany. Produced by Pablo Sáez © Allá - Quito, Ecuador.

Surensemble means “subset” in French. We are part of many musical projects that are being developed right now in Europe and that are driving South American music forward. This record presents not just the Quintet, but also consecutive subsets like a quartet, trio, duo and free passages for solo instruments. This Record hast a special focus on the guitars, main instrument and pitch axis like we usually do in many of our Latin-American music pieces.