Pablo Sáez, Surensemble

Pablo Saez, Surensemble cover


I want to thank my whole family, who are involved in every note of this album. My father Raúl for giving me this amazing present for my life: music. My mother Flor, for helping me in being much more perseverant and much more detailed in whatever it is.  Thank you Mónica for influencing me during my childhood with such great music. My sister and brothers Daniela, Alejandro, Andrés, Diego and of course my new nephews.

João, André, Pablo and Alvaro, thank you for being such good friends and for all these years of fighting together trying to raise our Jazz. It has been a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented colleagues. And of course thanks to you, Marta, for your sweet bowing on „Arrullo“.

To the Folkwang University of  Arts  for making this project a reality. Thank you, Arthur Jogerst, Michael Bishop and Walter Quintus for lending your ears, my sincere appreciation for the outstanding sound, thank you for trusting me and believing in this project.

Thanks to my music teachers Peter Herborn, Toly Ramirez, Carlos Figueroa López, Thomas Alkier and Sperie Caras for their commitment and patience in every hour we spent together. Thanks to ALLÁ and Daniel Orejuela for keeping on doing South American music, supporting this work and helping us in the distribution of this music. Your contribution is indispensable for developing art.

Thanks to Anette Herrmann, Juan Salazar, Luis Llorente, Fabrizio Fabio Silvestri, Daniel Hurtado, Francisco Concha-Goldschmidt, Uwe Paals, Henriette Henrichs, Dorothee Kamp, Luis Cruz, Melody Awua, Edwin Abbett, Jorge Arzola and all who helped me in the logistics, in writing words and developing concepts. 

My special thanks and all my love to Francisca and Maximiliano, without you this work would have never been realized.