CONCERT Releasetour Espacios Abiertos: Pangea Última feat. Pablo Sáez 

Pangea ultima feat. Pablo Sáez

Latest news and updates for upcoming productions and events. Pangea Ultima feat. Pablo Sáez. Muchas gracias a José Díaz de León por la invitación. The debut-album „Espacios Abiertos“ was released in November 2017 by Neuklang Records, now the Band is on-tour. The band’s name refers to the supercontinent, which will possibly arise in some million years: at that stage all of today's continents will melt into a single entity and all territorial borders will be overcome. If humanity should still exist in this distant future, this quintet’s music would be its soundtrack. The compositions use authentic material which have been experienced and collected during musical travels in Africa, India and Latin America. The band gathers the most outstanding instrumentalists of Cologne's jazz- and worldmusic-scene. 

José Díaz de León – Gitarre & Tres Cubano, Gesang
Daniel Manrique -Smith – C-, Alt & Bassflöte, Gesang
Roman Fuchß – Bass
Pablo Sáez – Schlagzeug
Christian Fehre – Percussion

Fri, 23/02/2018
20:00 Köln, Spanisches Kulturzentrum Antonio Machado Pangea Ultima feat. Pablo Sáez 

Releasetour Espacios Abiertos

Sat, 03/03/2018
22:15 Bremen, Mibnight Jazzfestival Pangea Ultima feat. Pablo Sáez 

Releasetour Espacios Abiertos