CONCERT Juliana Da Silva E Amigos Do Brasil - Jazz Keller Frankfurt 28th of April 2018

Pablo Saez, André de Cayres, João Luis, Juliana da Silva

"Fiery eyes, hot blooded gestures and movements. An unbelievably rich voice. When Juliana da Silva sings in Portuguese, we don´t understand a word, but we capture everything. Soft and sensual notes, exotic and husky sounds or a sassy smile lead us all through her message. The brazilian from Sao Paulo uses notonly her voice but also her body as a musical instrument. She flicks her tongue, vocalizes, sighs and sings sometimes so fast that it ist difficult to differentiate what you hear from what you see.“ Excerpt from: Mainpost

Juliana da Silva (vocal)

João Luis Nogueira (guitar)

Andre de Cayres (bass)

Pablo Saez (drums)