Trio Molino feat. Ryan Carniaux. Live at die Säule, Duisburg, 24.05.17. 20:00 hrs

Eckart Pressler präsentiert: Trio Molino feat, Ryan Carniaux

"Pablo Sáez, Schlagzeuger und Komponist, lebt seit 2005 in Köln. Mit fünf Jahrenbegann er sie musikalische Ausbildung am Klavier und Gitarre am... Reed more

Pablo Saez, Surensemble cover

Surensemble - Thanks


I want to thank my whole family, who are involved in every note of this album. My father Raúl for giving me this amazing present for my life: music. My mother Flor, for helping me in being much more perseverant and much more detailed in whatever it is.  Thank you... Reed more

Pablo Paredes / Pablo Sáez duo - "Noche Corta"

It is quite difficult to describe what happens when to Chilean musician meets to play folklore from different perspectives. This duo is mixes electronic with acoustic instruments. The chilean piano player Pablo Paredes uses a giant rack full of... Reed more

Pablo Sáez, Surensemble (Teaser)

The new Album „Surensemble“ is now Available to download on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Napster, etc. For old fashioned listeners you can also order a physical compact disc at 

... Reed more

Pablo Sáez, Surensemble - "Arrullo" (Teaser)

The brasilian musicians Marta Espirito Santo Hoppe and João Luis Nogueira plays Arrullo. Mixed by Michael Bishop, 5/4 Productions - Ohio USA Master: Walter Quintus... Reed more

Pablo Sáez, Surensemble - Mantra 1 (Teaser)

Pablo Paredes and Pablo Sáez playing "Mantra 1". This Mantra is the Matrix of many other compositions developed in thi Album. Origanilly played in the dou Project, "Mantras 1" is the thrid track of the new debut Album "Surensemble".

João Luis... Reed more

La Kamanchaca live at Club BHF, 11.06.2017 - 20:00 hrs


Hommage an Violeta Para zum 100. Jubiläum

Aus der musikalischen Begegnung von Ulli Simon und Ramón Gorigoitia geht eine moderne Form der „Musica Popular Latinoamericana“ hervor, in der traditionelle lateinamerikanische Gattungen mit Elementen der Klassik und des Jazz... Reed more

Trio Molino - "Punto sin retorno"

Trio Molino - Nuevo Jazz Sudamericano - performs "Punto sin Retorno". With Alvaro Severino: E-Guitar, André de Cayres: E-Bass and Pablo Sáez: Drums

"Mantra 1" - Pablo Sáez, Surensemble (Full Version)

Pablo Sáez and Pablo Paredes plays "Mantra 1", the first single of the new Album.  

Surensemble on Radio Beethoven

"Pablo Sáez “Surensemble” – Essen, 2015
Mantra 18, Mantra 9
Pablo Sáez: Drums, Perc., João Luis Nogueira: G, Alvaro Severino: E-G, Pablo Paredes: Piano, André de Cayres: Double bass, Marta Espirito Santo Hoppe – Cello

Pablo Sáez Cerpa, músico de jazz,... Reed more

Andy Miles Pablo Sáez Bonn Festival Jazz Tango

„Andy Miles und Freunde“ - All around Tango // Sonntag, 20. August 2017 11.30–14.30 Uhr Bonn

Open-Air-Konzertreihe auf dem Dach „Andy Miles und Freunde“ im GA-Sommergarten

Sonntag, 20. August 2017
11.30–14.30 Uhr

"Andy Miles studierte klassische Klarinette in Bremen und Hannover, zuletzt bei Prof. H. Pallushek. Als einer der jüngsten Klarinettisten in Deutschland... Reed more

Pablo Sáez, Surensemble - "Mantra 18"

with João Luis Nogueira: Acoustic Guitar, Alvaro Severino: Electric Guitar, Pablo Paredes: Piano, André de Cayres: Double Bass, Pablo Sáez: Drums, Xylophone, Arrangement, Composition. 
*For “Arrullo” feat.: Marta Espirito Santo Hoppe - Cello

Surensemble means “subset” in French. We... Reed more

Pablo Sáez , Surensemble EPK - 1st Part (DEUTSCHE UNTERTITEL)

 „Surensemble leitet sich aus dem Französischen ab und bedeutet - hispanisiert ausgedrückt: Teilmenge. Das Ergebnis dieses Albums ist die Summe aus verschiedenen Projekten die ich in den letzten Jahren mit meinen Kollegen Alvaro, André, João und Pablo entwickelt habe. Dieses Quintett... Reed more

Pablo Saez drum solo at Posticum - Rumania

A Great tour with the good friends of Les Artmann Group in Hungary, Austria and Rumania. Les Artmann (p), Patrick Pilarski (b), Peter Hinz (perc), Pablo Sáez (dr).

Trio Molino - Deep Blue (A. Severino)

Trio Molino performs "Deep Blue" written by Alvaro Severino. Alvaro Severino: E-Guitar André de Cayres: 6-str. bass Pablo Sáez: drums Recorded live at Folkwang Studio Essen Malte Weber: stage crew Diego Velásquez: stage crew Georg Niehusmann: recording engineer Christoph Piasetzki: mixing... Reed more

Pablo Sáez drum solo with Maroa Trio

Maroa Trio plays "Viola Violar" written by Milton Nascimento. Marsh 2012 live at Recklinghausen. João Luis Nogueira, Guit. Arne Dippel, E-Bass Pablo Saez, Drums


Pablo Sáez , Surensemble EPK - 1st Part (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

“To give it a meaning in English, “Surensemble” comes from French and means: Subset. The result of this record is the sum of a number of different projects that I have been working on over the past few years with my bandmates Alvaro, André, João and Pablo. The Quintet, as a band, is part of a... Reed more

Pablo Saez drum solo "El cucaracho" - Trio Molino (feat. Ryan Carniaux)

Trio Molino live at Die Säule: Between south american rhytms and not-lyrical contamporary pieces, Trio Molino convinced the audience going into the jazz frontiers. "El Cucaracho" is one of the pieces played by Ryan Carniaux. Ryan Carniaux: Trumpet Alvaro Severino: E-Guitar André de Cayres:... Reed more

Pablo Paredes / Pablo Sáez duo Konzert in Köln

"Ein echtes Lexikon der Lateinamerikanischen Volks-Musik in einem verträumten Elektro-akkustischen Kontext". 

Die in Deutschland lebenden Musiker Pablo Paredes (Klavier) und Pablo Saez, (Schlagzeug) beide geboren in Santiago de Chile, präsentieren in Ihrem Duo die Folklore ihrer Heimat.... Reed more

Trio Molino feat. Ryan Carniaux

Was? Waz: Trio Molino feat. Ryan Carniaux.

"Viel Beifall für eine kreative Band, die multikulturell in die Zukunft schaut, ohne die reiche Geschichte des Jazz zu vergessen." WAZ

"In jungen Jahren schon... Reed more

Pangea ultima feat. Pablo Sáez

Releasetour Espacios Abiertos: Pangea Última feat. Pablo Sáez 

Latest news and updates for upcoming productions and events. Pangea Ultima feat. Pablo Sáez. Muchas gracias a José Díaz de León por la invitación. The debut-album „Espacios Abiertos“ was released in November 2017 by Neuklang Records,... Reed more

Pablo Sáez Surensemble, Internationales Theater Frankfurt

Surensemble live at Internationales Theater Frankfurt a.M 29.04.2018

Pablo Sáez kommt ins Internationales Theater mit seinem neuen Soloalbum "Surensemble" ins ITF. Mit seinem Quintett kreiert er eine Melange aus Jazz, Swing und lateinamerikanischer Musik und nimmt damit Teil an der Bewegung des neuen... Reed more

The History of Trio Molino

Trio Molino’s roots stretch back to Chile's VII Region. At the beginning of the 20thcentury, my great-grandfather had a wheat mill (“molino” in Spanish) in the town of Cauquenes. Of course, at that time, mills were not just vitally important for putting bread on the family table, but they also... Reed more

Pablo Saez, André de Cayres, João Luis, Juliana da Silva

Juliana Da Silva E Amigos Do Brasil - Jazz Keller Frankfurt 28th of April 2018

"Fiery eyes, hot blooded gestures and movements. An unbelievably rich voice. When Juliana da Silva sings in Portuguese, we don´t understand a word, but we capture everything. Soft and sensual notes, exotic and husky sounds or a sassy smile lead us all through her message. The brazilian from Sao... Reed more

Pablo Saez, Surensemble

What is behind Surensemble?


Why keep making CDs when so few people these days actually sit down and listen to a record? The answer is very simple: it’s the best format for this style of music.

The songs on this record are part of a series of compositions that I didn’t want to just... Reed more

Árbol - Studio für Musik powered by Sala de Música

Árbol music studio offers a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for various purposes, some of which are ensemble/choir rehearsals, korrepititions, workshops/seminars, dance or music lessons, coaching, working with the body, such as meditation, Alexander... Reed more

Libertango - Surensemble

"Surensemble" das neue Projekt von Pablo Sáez feat. João Luis Nogueira, Alvaro Severino, Norman Peplow und André de Cayres. Der chilenische Schlagzeuger und Komponist Pablo Sáez spielt Libertango von Astor Piazzolla in Frankfurt.

Pablo Sáez Drum Solo with Surensemble live at ITF

Der chilenische Schlagzeuger und Komponist Pablo Sáez spielt a  Drum Solo over Libertango von Astor Piazzolla in Frankfurt. "Surensemble" das neue Projekt von Pablo Sáez feat. João Luis Nogueira, Alvaro Severino, Norman Peplow und André de Cayres.